Back from a very productive day scrapbook retreat!

I had such a great time at this past weekend’s 4-day scrapbook crop. I’m off of work right now, so I had time to really prepare for this retreat. I’m so proud of how productive I was! I created 48 pages, which is the most pages I’ve done in years. The secret was my preparation.

First, I gathered together the pictures I was going to scrapbook.Stack of instant blank photographs isolated on white background

I separated them into the different events I was scrapbooking, and grabbed my Advantus Cropper Hopper Page Arrangers. They hold the themed paper and embellishments together and are organized by theme. The link to these is below. I HIGHLY recommend them. They have changed my scrapbooking. I have an earlier post about how to organize your themed paper in which I talk about them at length. They’re wonderful!


Then, I took the pictures and coordinated them with paper.  After coordinating the paper to the pictures, I found the embellishments I wanted to use. I put them all together.


Once I was done pulling everything together, I put this set under a sheet of white paper (the kind I have tons of — the paper that comes in page protectors that is too thin to use for scrapbooking). I then put this into a 12 x 12 Iris case and went on to the next group of photos and did the same thing.

When done, I had 75 pages ready to be scrapbooked. I really believe this was how I was able to be so successful at this scrapbook retreat! I had paper already pulled, embellishments already matched, and pictures already chosen. I plan on doing this for every retreat in the future. It worked great for me, and I’m sure it will work great for you.

If you have a system of organizing and prepping for retreats, I’d love to see it! Share below in the comments.

Until next time — happy crafting!

Upcycle crib springs for a homemade Clip It Up!

2016-07-08 14.07.13

When my daughter outgrew sleeping in a crib, I found a new use for the crib springs! I spray painted them to match my craft room, and hung them in my craft room. Each row of springs serves as a fantastic spot to hang things. You could use it for storage of embellishments, displaying pictures, or a combination of both (like I do). It cost me the price of a can of spray paint, and it works great! In fact, it’s become the focal point of my craft room.

I use it to display pages I recently finished so that I can look at them before I put them away in scrapbook albums. I also use the bottom half to hang memorabilia or receipts, tickets, etc. from trips that I haven’t scrapbooked yet. I hang them with the pictures to remind myself I need to scrapbook these occasions.

Look at things you already have but look at them differently — figure a way to incorporate them into craft storage or display. There’s nothing more fulfilling than repurposing something you already own into wonderful craft storage! You are giving something new life and saving your precious money for craft supplies 😉

I’ll be gone for a few days, scrapbooking with friends, so have a wonderful week, weekend, and happy crafting!

FOOTBALL! 12 x 12 scrapbook layout

How fun is this? Already made for you on the Cricut Family Album cartridge. Truly, my favorite cartridge! Premade layouts, already done. You pick your colors, and load the paper. No muss, no fuss! 2016-07-18 10.13.03

The cartridge is on sale on Amazon right now for $20!


The only cartridge I HIGHLY recommend adding to your collection because the work is done for you, and wow, are they cute layouts!

Have a peaceful week and happy crafting!

Plain no more! Photo mat embellishment!


I love to find a good bargain on picture frames, because any parent will tell you — you need a LOT of picture frames for your children’s pictures. It seems my daughter gets 3-4 school pictures each year, and I’m always looking for fun ways to display them.

I found a very nice albeit plain picture frame that I knew had to be embellished a little bit.


I took some wide washi tape that I found in a craft store, and made some stripes across the mat. I decorated the entire front of the mat, wrapping the ends around the back. To add some color, I took thin red washi tape and went across the middle. I also cut a matching red mat out of cardstock.


Finally, I put it back in the glass, ready for a picture to be added! Such an easy project, and such a wonderful frame!


Have a peaceful and happy week and happy crafting!

Upcycle thrift store finds for your classroom

As you know, my favorite thing to do is find something at a thrift store and see a new vision of what it can become, what I can use it for, and what I can do to give it a second life. I love to find Lazy Susan’s of all kinds. Anything that spins and stores is something I love! Last summer, I found a wonderful three level one at Good Will.

2015-08-10 07.58.26

I used some duct tape and patterned masking tape and it really made this look great. I use it in my classroom, and I love the fact that it spins. Just a little Friday post to give you some ideas of what to look for in thrift stores this weekend.

2015-08-11 08.20.38

Happy crafting!