Button storage from a spice rack


I do love my thrift stores! I hit at least 2-3 each week at random times/days to see if I can find anything that works for my craft room. I am always looking for something that will get things off of my work surfaces to give me more room to create! This weekend, I found a wonderful spice rack.


It was a simple black metal with silver lids. I didn’t want to see spice names hanging on my wall, so I spray painted the lids white after washing everything very well. I hot glued a button on the lid just to add a little flare and help let me know what color buttons are inside. It’s already hanging on my wall, and it’s working great!

Don’t forget to look at organizational items with an eye towards repurposing them for your crafting. Spice racks are wonderful for small embellishments.

I’m off with my family for a few days to enjoy a mini-vacation, but in the meantime, happy crafting!

Author: Christine

Working mom who runs all day long but loves to craft! I'm the Queen of all that is frugal, and love to pass along my wonderful finds & upcycled projects! I began scrapbooking years ago, but have evolved to include all types of crafting. I also love to pass along organizational ideas!