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Here’s the first one: 40 sheets of vinyl for your die cut machine at a price of 50 cents per sheet! Here’s the link!


This deal is truly unbelievable! Regularly $99, now $39 including the case! 72 markers, fine and chisel tip.


Prisma Color 60 count colored pencils. Normally $45. During Amazon Prime Day, they’re only $19.98!


Sizzlets Framelets for 35% off! Work for your embossing machines, such as Big Shot, Tim Holtz Vagabond, etc. $13!

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Wowza! Some of these deals are almost unbelievable! $16.99 for 100 markers AND 100 refills!


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Repurposing post-holiday clearance items for new purposes!

I purchased a Dead of the Dead wreath from Wal-Mart for $.25 after Halloween. I’m guessing the bright, spring colors weren’t what most people thought of when buying decor for Halloween.

I saw this wreath for a quarter, and knew I couldn’t pass it up. And knew INSTANTLY what I was going to do with it: Create a beautiful spring/Easter wreath!


I went to Dollar Tree and bought two bags of sytrofoam Easter eggs and one roll of wired ribbon ($3.24 total).


First, I carefully removed the sugar skulls from the DOTD wreath.

Next, I cut the sticks either very short, so I could stick them in the styrofoam, or completely off of the Easter eggs, so they nested in groups of three, and hot glued them to the wreath, making sure to cover the holes left by the skulls.



Last, I fashioned a cute bow and hot glued that to the wreath as well. The project cost me a total of $3.49, and I spent less than 30 minutes creating it.

It’s a great idea to shop the ‘after holiday’ clearances at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels. I frequently run into $10 items for under $1, and I can get creative much easier than I can justify spending $20-30 for a wreath.

Until next time, craft on! 

Heat Press for 70% off!

Oh my goodness! An almost $700 heat press for $222! Want to make professional-appearing shirts & bags on your Cricut machine? You MUST invest in a heat press! Irons are great for when you’re starting out, but when you begin to get dozens of orders, you need to upgrade to a professional heat press. This one allows you to make caps, mugs, and anything that you can press! Cut your HTV with your Cricut, and use this heat press to apply!

Nudge your honey to get you this one while supplies last. What a deal!!