For your convenience, our most common questions are answered right here, or you can reach us through our Contact Us page.

Q: How do I follow you so I stay updated?

A: Click on “follow me” on the right-hand side of the page, near the top.

Q: How did you get started in scrapbooking?

A: I began scrapbooking with my mother & sister through Creative Memories. A triangle here, a punched square there, a few tiny stickers, and you were done! It was a great introduction to scrapbooking, but wow has it evolved! Now scrapbook pages are works of art & worthy of framing and hanging. I still fall back on my Creative Memories days when I’m stumped, and it’s nice to have a go-to method to use.

Q: Where do you find the things you recycle, repurpose, and makeover?

A: I love to go to garage sales & thrift stores, but Good Will is my favorite! I find more items by going at least once every 10 days, on different days, to my closest four stores. I spend about 10 minutes walking through, quickly looking for organizational items and kitchen items I can repurpose. I’m fortunate to have several near me that I frequent quite a bit.

Q: How do you find the money to do these little projects? I’m on a tight budget!

A: I started selling on eBay in 1999. Since that time, my store has grown exponentially. I use my eBay earnings to pay some of my family’s bills, as well as afford a little splurge here and there at Good Will. (Mind you, my idea of a splurge is $20 lol).