Organizing your non-themed 12×12 scrapbook paper


pileofpaperAfter years of attempting to find a way to organize my themed paper and embellishments, I discovered Advantus Cropper Hopper Page Arrangers, and they changed my crafting life — no exaggeration. My earlier blog post this week explained how they work and why they changed my crafting life.  Here’s the link to the Page Arrangers.

However, now I’m left with my non-themed 12×12 paper. What to do with it? Where to put it? Are you a paper hoarder like most scrapbookers or paper crafters are? Then you were in the same place I was — what to do with my 12×12 non-themed paper.

I discovered the Totally-Tiffany Paper Holders and am absolutely taken with them. They come in sets of 5, and I have been using them for a few months, and they are functioning perfectly, holding my 12×12 paper securely and well-organized. This is what they look like: totally-tiffany-paper-storage-boxes-and-dividers-d-201603141757019-435630_alt1I loved the scalloped edges on the boxes because they make it easy to take your paper out and put paper in, yet the sides are tall enough to hold the paper in place. For my use, I decided to go with the ROY G. BIV set up — organizing by color — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple — and I added colors such as pink, black, and white.

This was great, but I was left with another problem — what to do with paper that is multicolored but has no theme. Where do I put papers like these?


I decided instead of tossing a coin and placing this paper in a random color, I organized by pattern. So I have polka dot, striped, floral, and finally random — just random patterns of multicolored papers that truly have no other place to go.

I didn’t think I could get any happier with these Totally-Tiffany paper holders than I already was, but when I discovered they fit perfectly in my Ikea Kallax units, I was super excited!


You’ll notice the colorful stickers on the front of each TTPH. I used washi tape I already had to adorn the front of each TTPH to show at a glance what was contained within. Notice how beautifully these fit in the Ikea Kallax 4 x 2 unit? No trimming or adjusting, they fit PERFECTLY.

I have a little bit of space on side of the three TTPH that fit in each cube of my Kallax, so I add a few packs of cardstock. It’s nice to make use of every single inch of space if you are running out of crafting storage space. I’d much rather have a lot of space to be creative rather than a lot of space to organize.

I’ve had these for about five months, and I go to them at least once a day, usually more. They’ve held up well, and I have absolutely no complaints. I am very happy having all of my 12×12 paper organized, and these Totally-Tiffany Paper Holders work perfectly for me! Here’s the link again so that you can get your own.

Have a wonderful Thursday & happy crafting!

Author: Christine

Working mom who runs all day long but loves to craft! I'm the Queen of all that is frugal, and love to pass along my wonderful finds & upcycled projects! I began scrapbooking years ago, but have evolved to include all types of crafting. I also love to pass along organizational ideas!