Organizing your non-themed 12×12 scrapbook paper


pileofpaperAfter years of attempting to find a way to organize my themed paper and embellishments, I discovered Advantus Cropper Hopper Page Arrangers, and they changed my crafting life — no exaggeration. My earlier blog post this week explained how they work and why they changed my crafting life.  Here’s the link to the Page Arrangers.

However, now I’m left with my non-themed 12×12 paper. What to do with it? Where to put it? Are you a paper hoarder like most scrapbookers or paper crafters are? Then you were in the same place I was — what to do with my 12×12 non-themed paper.

I discovered the Totally-Tiffany Paper Holders and am absolutely taken with them. They come in sets of 5, and I have been using them for a few months, and they are functioning perfectly, holding my 12×12 paper securely and well-organized. This is what they look like: totally-tiffany-paper-storage-boxes-and-dividers-d-201603141757019-435630_alt1I loved the scalloped edges on the boxes because they make it easy to take your paper out and put paper in, yet the sides are tall enough to hold the paper in place. For my use, I decided to go with the ROY G. BIV set up — organizing by color — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple — and I added colors such as pink, black, and white.

This was great, but I was left with another problem — what to do with paper that is multicolored but has no theme. Where do I put papers like these?


I decided instead of tossing a coin and placing this paper in a random color, I organized by pattern. So I have polka dot, striped, floral, and finally random — just random patterns of multicolored papers that truly have no other place to go.

I didn’t think I could get any happier with these Totally-Tiffany paper holders than I already was, but when I discovered they fit perfectly in my Ikea Kallax units, I was super excited!


You’ll notice the colorful stickers on the front of each TTPH. I used washi tape I already had to adorn the front of each TTPH to show at a glance what was contained within. Notice how beautifully these fit in the Ikea Kallax 4 x 2 unit? No trimming or adjusting, they fit PERFECTLY.

I have a little bit of space on side of the three TTPH that fit in each cube of my Kallax, so I add a few packs of cardstock. It’s nice to make use of every single inch of space if you are running out of crafting storage space. I’d much rather have a lot of space to be creative rather than a lot of space to organize.

I’ve had these for about five months, and I go to them at least once a day, usually more. They’ve held up well, and I have absolutely no complaints. I am very happy having all of my 12×12 paper organized, and these Totally-Tiffany Paper Holders work perfectly for me! Here’s the link again so that you can get your own.

Have a wonderful Thursday & happy crafting!

Organizing your themed 12×12 scrapbook paper

After struggling for the past 18 years to find an organizational method for my 12×12 themed scrapbook paper (like Christmas, Halloween, beach, travel, etc.), I finally found a way that is working wonderfully for me. I’m using Cropper Hopper Page Arrangers. I found them on Amazon and Blitsy, and they are wonderful.


Here’s the link to the Page Arrangers.

They’re fabulous and literally changed my life as a scrapbooker!

Each Page Arranger is two-sided. One side is large enough to hold 12×12 paper — even that slightly larger paper with the tag for scanning for sale! I love that. I am so annoyed when I have to trim new paper to simply store it. You don’t with these 🙂

cropper hopper

The other side of the same Page Arranger has three separate pockets for embellishments and ephemera. The three pockets are roughly 6 x 12, 4 x 6, and 2 x 3. They are fantastic for keeping all of your same-themed embellishments together with the same-themed paper.

cropper hopper2

After I have separated all of my papers and embellishments into their appropriate Paper Arrangers, I have filed them alphabetically into milk crates found at Target for $3 right now (back-to-school time). They sit on top of my Recollections cubes and are handy for me to grab when I’m working on my crafts.

2016-03-20 12.10.31

I also scrapbook away from home, so these Paper Arrangers work ideally for me! They fit perfectly into any of my rolling totes, and keep my embellishments and paper in perfect condition for transporting to and from crops and retreats.

Getting your themed paper organized and stored with your embellishments will save you a tremendous amount of time (and money). I was constantly damaging paper when transporting to crops, and now the hard plastic pockets keep my paper damage-free.

I hope this inspired you to organize your themed paper and embellishments!

Have a crafty day!

Simple clothespin washi tape project

Happy Monday!

Boy is it hot in Houston! It’s only 7:30 a.m. in the morning, and it’s already blazing and humid.  To keep cool, I’m crafting!

I wanted to make a cute hanging line that I can use to hang paper projects I create in my craft room. It’s good for inspiration, and it’s also a great way to decorate your room. Often times, I create a wonderful, elaborate scrapbook page, only to put it away in an album, not to see it again for a while. I want to do something different: Create a page and keep it out for a while so I can get inspiration from it for other pages, and also enjoy the memories associated with the page. So today I decided to do something about it!

I bought a bag of 36 clothespins from Dollar Tree for $1, and three rolls of washi tape I already had.

First, I carefully placed a short piece of tape on a clothespin, making sure the end of the tape just reached the bottom of the clothespin. Since the bottom of the clothespin is rough, unsanded wood, you don’t want any overhang. Washi tape doesn’t like to stick to unsanded surfaces. The top could be a little long, since the underside is smooth and sanded.
Cut any overhang as seen above. Cut at an angle, ending at the top corner of the clothespin. This makes it very easy to fold over and tuck under. Depending on the width of your tape, you may have some overhang on the side. That’s okay! I simply tucked it under, and it looks great! Make sure your ends are securely taped down. You want your tape to stay in place.
I chose two patterns of tape, and in no time at all (about 5 minutes) made all 8 of my clothespins.
 Now simply choose your favorite ribbon, string, or twine (as I used here), and space your clothespins out. Now you’re ready to use as a hanger for embellishments, pictures, or display your creations, like I’m going to do! Simply thumbtack the two ends of your ribbon, and you’re done! Cute, easy, and very inexpensive project. I was inspired by this when I saw decorated clothespins going for $9.99 and $12.99. I am way too frugal to spend that kind of money. I used tape I already had, twine I already had, and $1 worth of clothespins.
Happy Monday & craft on!

My Ikea Raskog cart transformation

I love to find things in thrift stores and Good Will, but every once in a while, after saving and scrimping, I treat myself to some wonderful organizational piece. This is that piece! My Ikea Raskog cart. I bought it last year and left it a bland but pretty cream color. I grew tired of this bland appearance, so I decided to give it a bit of a makeover. It was time-consuming the way I did it, but I want to redo things and make them last a long time. (My frugal nature rears its head again lol). Link to the Raskog cart below.


It wasn’t as difficult as I expected it to be, and unless you’re the anal-retentive DIYer like I am, simply put it together and paint it already assembled. The way I did it, it took five coats of paint (three cans) to get the finish I desired. Are you ready? Here we go!

First, I disassembled the cart. Next, I placed all of the parts on a large piece of cardboard to protect the concrete (outside of course, the fumes and overspray from spray paint are awful).

Using four light coats, I sprayed each piece, each side, allowing each coat to completely dry. The key is LIGHT coats. Heavy coats end up running and dripping and looking kind of ucky.

 I actually used a box to paint each of the three shelves, because they fit perfectly inside it and kept the overspray to a minimum.
Finally, I assembled the entire thing and gave it one more good coat. After that was dry, I added washi tape to the top of each basket to give it a look that complimented my craft room. The result was stunning, if I do say so myself.
I added an Ikea Bygel cup to the right to store adhesive taperunners, and I added an Ordning utensil caddy to the left with zip ties to hold taller things like my heavy duty scissors and rulers. Each shelf is a separate ‘zone’ so to speak and will be explained here:
The top of the cart holds my 4×6 and 6×6 paper. I use these quite frequently to mat photos, use for journal boxes, or too use for small punches or die cuts. In the front in the green Dollar Tree bins are some Project Life materials. I don’t follow Project Life per se, but I love their small cards for journaling. When I see them on sale or clearance, I grab a few packs. They’re great for journaling! (Note the washi tape around the top shelf — matches my room perfectly).
The second level holds my boxes of punches, Becky Higgins sketches for inspiration when I’m stuck trying to decide how to lay out a scrapbook page, and a Dollar Tree bin of Wink of Stella markers. These markers are wonderful! They not only are markers, but they have glitter built into them, so your journaling or coloring gleams with glitter!
The bottom shelf holds my Texture Boutique embossing machine, and two Totally-Tiffany embossing folder clear plastic containers. I LOVE these clear organizers! They make it so easy to see my embossing folders (I store them alphabetically by my description not the name. I’d never find them by name because quite honestly, some of the names by the manufacturers are very strange lol).
So there’s my cart! I pimped it out, I love it, and it works great in my craft room. I roll it where I need it then put it back. It holds everything I use every day in scrapbooking.
UPDATE: Ikea is adding two new cart colors to their inventory but are doing away with the beloved dark grey & turquoise. If you want one, get one quickly! Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. Rumor is they’re replacing these colors with burnt orange & black.

Upcycle a dated lazy Susan for your craft room

I have recently created my very own craft room, and in an effort to be organized, have scoured thrift stores, dollar stores, and garage sales for items I can upcycle or repurpose for craft room storage and organization. Here’s an old lazy Susan I bought at Good Will for $.99 that I repainted and now use on my desk to hold tools and adhesives!

Here’s the final product — simply cleaned, spray painted (several light coats), and a little washi tape I had on hand. How cute is this?

I remember these from the 80s I believe 🙂 Obviously this apple pattern doesn’t match my white & green craft room very well.

Make sure you spray paint outdoors, in a well-ventilated space. Watch for overspray (I moved my toes before I painted lol). As many times as I have spray painted projects, I’m still aware that spray paint can travel a long distance. I use a flattened shipping box underneath to absorb most of the spray paint.

The final product one more time! Simple $.99 lazy Susan makeover with paint and washi tape I already had. Happy Crafting!