Organizing your wooden stamps for home & away


I’m what I would consider a not-so-normal crafter. By that, I mean I work at home in my craft room as much as I do away at scrapbook crops or retreats. Because of that, organizing my supplies is rather difficult! A lot of people love to use shelves, wall units, big boxes and bins to hold their stuff. That doesn’t work for me, because it makes packing for a crop a mess.

I’ve been experimenting with storing my wooden mounted stamps for the past several months, and I have finally found a method that works great for me!  Using Totally Tiffany stamp and store suitcases, I have my wooden stamps stored in plastic boxes that travel great & store great at home, as well. Here’s the link to these stamp and store suitcases.


I played around with packing each case the best I could so that I had the maximum amount of stamps in the minimum of space. Reminds me of the old school game Tetris.


After arranging them the best I could, I took a color copy of the entire box, just like this.


Now that I had a copy of each box, I went back and numbered each stamp on the color copy. For my first box, I labeled the outside “Stamps Wood 1” So I started numbering the stamps in this box 1-1. The next stamp was 1-2, then 1-3, etc. This way, I knew instantly which suitcase the stamp goes back into when I am done with it. I also knew by looking at the color copy how to maximally arrange my stamps so I can store the most in the least amount of space.


I did this with all three of my stamp suitcases. The second box, the stamps were numbered starting with 2-1, etc. The third box was 3-1, etc. I used my label maker to place a label on the top and side of each box of stamps so that I can easily identify and easily replace the box after using it.


The full stamp suitcases fit very well in my Ikea Kallax 2 x 4 cube unit, alongside my Totally-Tiffany Paper Storage boxes (link below).


I really like using every single inch of shelf and cube space I have. It works very well for me, given my ink pads are stored in the same Kallax cube.


I hope my method is useful for you. It’s a great way to store your stamps for both home & away. Pack these small stamp suitcases easily in your favorite 31 bag or tote for a crop or retreat. Enjoy your day & happy crafting!