Back from a very productive day scrapbook retreat!

I had such a great time at this past weekend’s 4-day scrapbook crop. I’m off of work right now, so I had time to really prepare for this retreat. I’m so proud of how productive I was! I created 48 pages, which is the most pages I’ve done in years. The secret was my preparation.

First, I gathered together the pictures I was going to scrapbook.Stack of instant blank photographs isolated on white background

I separated them into the different events I was scrapbooking, and grabbed my Advantus Cropper Hopper Page Arrangers. They hold the themed paper and embellishments together and are organized by theme. The link to these is below. I HIGHLY recommend them. They have changed my scrapbooking. I have an earlier post about how to organize your themed paper in which I talk about them at length. They’re wonderful!


Then, I took the pictures and coordinated them with paper.  After coordinating the paper to the pictures, I found the embellishments I wanted to use. I put them all together.


Once I was done pulling everything together, I put this set under a sheet of white paper (the kind I have tons of — the paper that comes in page protectors that is too thin to use for scrapbooking). I then put this into a 12 x 12 Iris case and went on to the next group of photos and did the same thing.

When done, I had 75 pages ready to be scrapbooked. I really believe this was how I was able to be so successful at this scrapbook retreat! I had paper already pulled, embellishments already matched, and pictures already chosen. I plan on doing this for every retreat in the future. It worked great for me, and I’m sure it will work great for you.

If you have a system of organizing and prepping for retreats, I’d love to see it! Share below in the comments.

Until next time — happy crafting!