Upcycling old furniture for craft storage


Nothing makes my frugal self more happy than to see new life for something I was ready to donate, especially when it comes to organization and storage!

Last year, I was looking at a very old clothing armoire from Ikea and saw an old, tired, dated piece of solid wood furniture. I saw the quality was still there but the style was sorrily lacking.

I took my armoire, painted it, sealed it, and repurposed it for craft room storage! It took me about 6 hours to repaint it because I had to dissassemble pieces. But once it was done, wow was it worth it!


The best thing is it stores 12×12 albums perfectly. Now they’re protected from light, dirt, and dust and stored upright — the preferred method to store them. Best of all — it gives me a place for a TV 🙂


Look at your old furniture — pull out that old TV stand, that old nightstand, that old piece of furniture that’s collecting dust in your garage or attic. With a little TLC and imagination, it can become your favorite new piece of furniture in your craft room!

Have a great weekend & happy crafting!

Updating an 80s curio cabinet for stamp storage

I visited my local Good Will this morning, and found a wonderful solid wooden standing box. I believe it was for curios or small knick knacks. I instantly saw a wonderful $2.99 stamp holder!


I sanded it lightly and removed the heart-shaped decoration on the top and sanded that spot down. I didn’t spend a lot of time on that spot because I knew it would be covered with washi tape and a stamp. I wanted this to be a FAST project!


I took a can of spray paint I had left over from when I painted an Ikea Raskog cart. I did two light coats, front and back.



Then I took some washi tape (you know I love my washi tape) and added a few stripes to make it even cuter.

20160707_165127blog 20160707_165331blog

Finally, here it is, in its new role as the holder of my wooden stamps!


Find new purpose for old things. Don’t throw them out, repurpose! Change them up. Add your own touch to them and make something old new again!