Too overwhelmed to organize your craft room? Think again!

I think so many people feel overwhelmed, that they never start organizing. I moved, and used that time to completely organize my room.

Is this your room? Thankfully this was never my room. But after looking at people’s rooms in scrapbook groups, this seems to be a lot of peoples’ current situations.

Don’t think organization happens in one day. It typically does not. But it does have to begin somewhere. Get THREE big boxes. Wal-Mart has them cheap. Label one ‘sell/give’, ‘recycle/trash’ and the third ‘donate’. Pull everything out of your room one area at a time and look at them honestly: Have you used this in the past year? Past two years? No? Then it’s gone. Do you use it? Then place it aside.

Next, move your desk/table where you want it in your now-empty room. Sit and begin to craft. Grab the tools you need one at a time as you need them.  As you pull in your tools, you will realize what you want and need near you.  So organize those. Then, work on some more crafting/scrapbooking, and organize more stuff.  It was important for me to have my paper and my Stickles, washi tape, and ribbon near me. If it was too hard to get to what I wanted, I knew I wouldn’t use it.

A good policy for organizing a room from scratch is to avoid buying new organizational products. After you have purged and donated/trashed/given away the stuff you don’t use, you will realize  you probably have all the organizational items you need. NEVER BUY NEW STUFF UNDER THE GUISE OF GETTING ORGANIZED. Wait until you are completely done cleaning and reorganizing your space. Use it for a few weeks or months. Then realize what you honestly may need to make you more productive.

Now that you’re organized…what happens next? The key FOR ME was to institute a policy of ‘no leaving until I clean it up’. When I’m done for the day, I make myself put everything where it goes. If I’m in the middle of something, I put it in one Iris case (only one) and put it in a special spot for my project being worked on.

I also instituted a “no working on a new project until I’m done with the current one.” That way, I’m not spinning in circles with 20 uncompleted things all over my scrapbook room. Once you allow yourself to work on 5, 10, 15, or even 20 projects at once, you’ve let go of your craft room and turned it into a project-in-progress storage facility. THIS IS THE EASIEST WAY TO BECOME UNORGANIZED AND CREATE CHAOS IN YOUR CRAFT SPACE.

A lot of people have so much stuff and it’s so lacking in organization, that they frequently purchase duplicates. I refuse to use Evernote or any other software program to keep track of my inventory. I don’t need it! I’m organized, my things are visible, they are handy, and I know what I have.

When I do buy something, I have to incorporate it immediately into my organizational system. No tossing a shopping bag in and shutting the door. Nope. Never. That REALLY makes me reconsider whether I want to buy something or not. It stopped all impulse purchases. The day you start tossing bags in without organizing them is the day you become this:

A huge bonus being organized is that I know what I have instantly, I don’t need an electronic device to keep track of what I own, and I don’t own any accidental duplicates of anything. I know what I have, I use what I have, and it’s easy to STAY organized. It’s just like your health: It’s easier to stay healthy than get healthy.

Stay organized, be true to yourself, and you’ll find how much you truly enjoy crafting in your own room once again.

Author: Christine

Working mom who runs all day long but loves to craft! I'm the Queen of all that is frugal, and love to pass along my wonderful finds & upcycled projects! I began scrapbooking years ago, but have evolved to include all types of crafting. I also love to pass along organizational ideas!