Totally-Tiffany Stash and Store ~ GREAT for your small supplies!

2016-07-14 08.47.37I’m so happy to tell you about some products I found a few months ago. They’re from Totally-Tiffany and are called Stash And Store. They come in three different styles. The first is the five drawer case. It’s great for washi tape and other small items. American Crafts ribbon fits ideally in these! The link is below for this one.


The next one is the Totally-Tiffany Sparkle and Sprinkle case. It’s fantastic for Stickles (glitter glue), embossing powders, stamp pads, etc. I use the bottom drawer for Mod Podge, Armor Etch, and craft paint. Fits perfectly! The link is below for this one:

The last is the Three-Drawer Ribbon Box. The name tells you what it’s for, but you can use it for anything. I do use it for ribbon, and I love that the drawers are big enough for your largest roll of ribbon! The link is below for this one, as well:

If you’re a crafter like I am, you craft away from home as much as you do at home, so portability is important. These sturdy boxes have handles so you can easily lift them and put them in a rolling tote or carry to a crop away from home. There are magnets in the back of each drawer which holds the drawer in place so it won’t open during transport! I love these Totally-Tiffany items, and highly recommend them for holding your craft items.

If you already have these and are using them, comment! Attach a picture! I’d love to see how you use yours!

Happy crafting!

Author: Christine

Working mom who runs all day long but loves to craft! I'm the Queen of all that is frugal, and love to pass along my wonderful finds & upcycled projects! I began scrapbooking years ago, but have evolved to include all types of crafting. I also love to pass along organizational ideas!