Upcycle crib springs for a homemade Clip It Up!

2016-07-08 14.07.13

When my daughter outgrew sleeping in a crib, I found a new use for the crib springs! I spray painted them to match my craft room, and hung them in my craft room. Each row of springs serves as a fantastic spot to hang things. You could use it for storage of embellishments, displaying pictures, or a combination of both (like I do). It cost me the price of a can of spray paint, and it works great! In fact, it’s become the focal point of my craft room.

I use it to display pages I recently finished so that I can look at them before I put them away in scrapbook albums. I also use the bottom half to hang memorabilia or receipts, tickets, etc. from trips that I haven’t scrapbooked yet. I hang them with the pictures to remind myself I need to scrapbook these occasions.

Look at things you already have but look at them differently — figure a way to incorporate them into craft storage or display. There’s nothing more fulfilling than repurposing something you already own into wonderful craft storage! You are giving something new life and saving your precious money for craft supplies 😉

I’ll be gone for a few days, scrapbooking with friends, so have a wonderful week, weekend, and happy crafting!

Author: Christine

Working mom who runs all day long but loves to craft! I'm the Queen of all that is frugal, and love to pass along my wonderful finds & upcycled projects! I began scrapbooking years ago, but have evolved to include all types of crafting. I also love to pass along organizational ideas!