Upcycling crib springs for a display spot for your crafts


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I am always looking for cheap (or free) ways to organize my craft supplies and also display what I’ve created. The problem is that I don’t want to sacrifice desk top space to do that. Then I thought about this!

I took my daughter’s old crib springs, spray painted them green to match my room, hung them sideways on the wall with simple screws. If you don’t have access to crib springs, I see them all the time at garage sales and in thrift stores. I’ve seen them as cheap as $.99.

I purchased some Ikea curtain rings (link below) to use as hangers for my items.


Next, I purchased some simple S hooks to hang the curtain rings on the crib springs. You can get those at any hardware store or home improvement store or click on the link below.

I hang my favorite scrapbook pages before I put them in albums, and occasionally make a second set of pages just to hang up. I also hang pretty cards I receive there, as well as some embellishments that I haven’t put away yet. The point is to get things up and off my work surfaces.

This project cost me around $15 for everything including the spray paint!

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend & happy crafting!

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Author: Christine

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